s l scott

I was born in Manchester in 1973. I lived in rural Scotland for 13 years during, which time I painted as a hobby and sold pieces in a local restraunt. I always wanted to be an artist but didn't pursue this ambition until I moved back to Manchester in 2011. At which point I couldnt wait to start painting the city and I haven't stopped since!


I am interested in the relationship between Manchester's contemporary and historic architecture, particularly its buildings, canals and bridges with industrial heritage. I work mostly in oils and acrylic. Over the past few years I have been creating two main styles of work: expressive realism that aims to capture the unique hues of light and colour which inhabit the city, alongside more abstract work, focussing on contrasting and connecting structures, patterns and shapes.


I do paint other subjects, lanscapes and portraits, however Manchester is my main focus. There are so many different views and interesting structures which continue to change as the city develops.


I hope viewers of my work enjoy seeing it as much as I have enjoyed painting it...








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