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ACRYLIC PAINTINGS views from trip to Scottish Highlands


View from breakish, Isle of Skye, 40x40cm


Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, 40x40cm


Loch Cluanie, North West Highlands, 40x40cm


Loch Duich, North West Highlands, 40x40cm

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Palette Knife painting with texture and  earthy tones. Painted to order

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GRANITE CITY acrylic painting on 8mm thick board. This is my 1st painting of the city of Aberdeen and its iconic granite architecture


STOCKPORT original painting. Acrylic on canvas 45x56cm

Stockport design Chorlton design low res 20190422_155636

STOCKPORT illustration (see shop for products)

CHORLTON illustration (see shop for products)

WHALLEYRANGE illustration (see shop for products)

20190521_181912 IMG_20190521_202844

THE NEW GEOBEE MAP. Canvas print featuring my new geobee design, with a vintage map of a Manchester or Greater Manchestert district.

This one is from a Hale/Altrincham 1910 OS map.


URBAN PATCHWORK (Manchester) Acrylic on board - Original painting SOLD, prints available in website shop


URBAN PATCHWORK (london) Acrylic on board. Original Painting SOLD